Our Mission

The research-based source for balloon information and education, focusing on responsible use while enjoying party balloons.

Who We Are

We are a collaboration of balloon and environmental advocates made up of individuals and companies who work with balloons; dedicated to providing research-driven information on balloon related topics.

We also believe global education on responsible balloon use is the key to keeping our environment and our planet beautiful while still enjoying the wonder of balloons.

We promote the following safe handling tips when using balloons:

  • 1. Never intentionally release balloons.

  • 2. Secure all helium-filled balloons to a weight.

  • 3. Never tie multiple helium-filled foil (mylar) balloons together.

  • 4. Always dispose of balloons properly.

  • 5. Never inhale helium.

  • 6. Children under the age of 3 should always be supervised around balloons.

Join us in taking the pledge!

“There are in fact two things, Science and Opinion;
the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance.”
– Hippocrates, Greek Physician

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