7 Unexpected Ways Balloons Contribute to Society
7 Unexpected Ways Balloons Contribute to Society

1. Balloons Offer Compassion

Some situations in life can render words inadequate or uncomfortable. At such times, balloons serve as tangible expressions of encouragement. Even in our absence, they offer enduring cheer, comfort, and companionship to those we love.

balloons offer compassion

2. Balloons Generate Excitement

With their vibrant colors and astonishing buoyancy, balloons inject drama into any static environment. Use balloons to effortlessly command the attention of any audience!

balloons generate happiness and excitement

3. Balloons Deliver Joy

Balloons have an extraordinary power to bring joy and enchantment anytime and anywhere. You can count on balloons to make people laugh and smile. In the famous words of Winnie the Pooh, “Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.”

balloons deliver joy

4. Balloons Delight All Ages

People, young and old alike, naturally find balloons appealing. We never outgrow the simple innocence and unfettered joy we feel with balloons.

balloons are for all ages

5. Balloons Help Heal

Balloons are used in hospitals and clinics to facilitate healing. By shifting a patient’s focus away from their pain, balloons relieve stress, elevate moods, and make therapy work feel more like play.

balloons help heal

6. Balloons Create Careers

Balloons, a vital part of the party and floral industries, help fuel the global economy. Throughout its life cycle, a single balloon can employ numerous people around the world. Though balloons are considered a niche industry by most, the balloon industry employs tens of thousands of people in the USA and around the world including designers, manufacturers, distributors, printers, shop owners, decorators, and entertainers.

Many balloon decorators (individuals who make balloon arches, columns and centerpieces) and twisters/entertainers (individuals who make small twisted balloon figures at local events or restaurants) have found balloons to be a great source of supplemental income. Additionally, thousands of balloon decorators and twisters around the world support themselves and their families through full-time work in balloons.

balloons create careers

Check out these inspiring articles of balloon artists around the world making a living from balloons:

7. Balloons Unify Cultures

Balloons are universally adored for their magical abilities to capture air, assume various shapes, and defy gravity. In transcending language and culture, balloons break through borders and unite us in our humanity.

Balloon artist Adi Somekh and photographer Charlie Eckert embarked on a worldwide tour, making free balloon hats for everyone they met. Learn about their fascinating story and what they discovered balloons can teach us about human nature here.

balloons unify cultures
Photo Credit: BalloonHats.com

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Balloon Facts - Balloons generate excitement

Balloons are for all ages

Balloon Facts - Balloons are for all ages

Balloons are for all ages

Balloon Facts - Balloons create careers

Balloon Facts - Balloons create careers

Balloon Facts - Balloons create careers

Balloons are for all ages

Balloon Facts - Balloons help heal

Balloon Facts - Balloons offer compassion

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