Easy Tips for Reducing Post-Party Balloon Waste
Easy Tips for Reducing Post-Party Balloon Waste

Consumers play a critical role in reducing the waste produced by party decorations. When the party’s over, it’s important that balloons mustn’t float away and are disposed of properly. Read on for tips on reducing your balloon waste.

Ensure Every Helium-Filled Balloon Is Weighted

One of the easiest solutions to ensuring your balloons won’t slip away is to attach a weight to each balloon before heading outdoors. While latex balloons are biodegradable and have very little environmental impact, they should still be weighted so they don’t inadvertently get away and can be disposed of properly.

The store or balloon professional you purchase from should provide weights for the balloons. However, some deep discount stores don’t include them, so you’ll need to request weights if they aren’t automatically provided.

If you are purchasing a bouquet, each balloon should be individually tied to the weight. In other words, do not tie the balloons together and then tie them to a weight. If the balloons accidentally break free from the weight, this will ensure they float away separately rather than in a bunch that could become entangled in trees or power lines. Remember: if you intend to break the bunch into smaller groups for the party or give them to attendees upon departure, be sure to leave the store with enough weights.

For a more creative approach, there are many DIY balloon weight ideas on Pinterest! Here are some of our favorites:

The Advantage of Air-Filled Balloons

The world isn’t running out of helium anytime soon but it is possible to reduce helium consumption – and save money – by looking at alternatives. Did you know it’s possible to decorate a party with only air-filled balloons? While any balloon can be filled with helium or air, many stores now carry balloons that are specifically designed to be filled with air and hung from the ceiling or on a wall. Air-filled balloons are typically light enough that you can stick them to a wall with folded scotch tape.

Try searching for “balloons without helium” or “air-filled balloon decor” for air-filled ideas! Here are some of our favorites:

Refill Foil Balloons

Foil balloons can typically be refilled multiple times! With care, you can release the air or helium inside and store it for next time! This blog post from The Creative Recycler shows how.

Repurpose Balloons

Balloons can be repurposed beyond their original use for new DIY (Do-It-Yourself) projects including artwork, gift wrap, garden “scarecrows” and more! Here are some favorites:

Dispose Of Balloons Properly

Finished enjoying balloons? Dispose of properly by popping each balloon with a pin or scissors and placing in a trash receptacle. Because latex balloons are biodegradable, they can actually be composted! If you have a compost pile or a composting facility near you, this is a great way to dispose of latex balloons.

Recycle Your Balloon Waste

These tips help you manage the balloon waste after your event. But don’t stop there! Companies like TerraCycle offer programs to recycle all of your post-party supplies, not just balloons. With your help, we can create a cleaner world after all of life’s celebrations.

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